Féloche are a fantastic band from Paris.
Members include:
Féloche: Vocals and mandolin
Lea Bullic: Accordian, trumpet samples, odd stuff
Christopher Malherbe: Double bass, filters

While they were on their London tour in January 08, I interviewed Féloche, the vocalist at The Dirty Water Club.

Born on 2nd of December, he grew up as a young punk boy in France. His influences include Mano Negro (Manu Chao), The Specials and Les Negresses Vertes. He has a particular appreciation for the lyrics of Lojo, which has become the new generation's Manu Negro.

The roots of everything he loves in music comes from New Orleans, particularly Cajun. It is his dream to play there one day.

Other non-musical influences include film. His favourite director is Ken Loach. He has an appreciation for the authentic atmosphere he creates by using real people (eg. non actors) in his films.

Féloche MySpace Web Site

The Dirty Water Club

February 2008
Feloche La Vie Cajun