Klarita's Sun Sign
Leo: August 12th

Creative Life
I started Kaparte Promotions in 2002 mainly as an art exhibition organization. I displayed my own work and on occasion the work of other artists at The Foundry, The Sartorial Art Gallery (where I curated 'Dolore' exhbition), Three Colts Gallery and in varoius gallieries in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Rome.

The project has been transformed  into more music based events in 2006 but with the purpose of mixing visuals and performance art when logistically possible.
A part from running regular nights such as Nocturne Folks at The Half Moon in South London and Ship of Fools Club in conjuction with Tursa label on the Temple Pier, last summer I collaborated with Tate Britain for Late at Tate, putting on a line up of few acts I represent and support in the splendid setting of one of the Victorian rooms and Steven Severin (ex Siouxie and The Banshees) with his image & sound installation Music for Silents at Bush Hall.
Again last year I promoted special album launches for Adam Donen and The Drought at 93 Feet East and Naevus at the Bardens Boudoir.

More special events are planned for the immediate future such as Gina Birch of The Raincoats with a whole female support line up in July and Hugo Race and The True Spirit (ex-Badseeds) in autumn, he's coming especially from Australia.

I am also a booking agent (Italy and UK) for Wolfgang Flur (Ex Kraftwerk), Steven Severin, Nightingales, Tony Wakeford (of Sol Invictus), glassglue, Thee Intolerable Kidd, Eva Eden, Adam Donen, just to mention a few.

I have my own music/visual project Art Immunda featuring in a couple of compilations, one of which with label Tursa out in June and I collaborate with vocals to friends musicians like Spectre (IT), Silent Pistols (IT) and Immune System (UK).

Music Influences
post-punk, experimental, neo-folk, dark blues, electronica, dark ambient.
From Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Current 93, The Fall, Throbbing Gristle, Ennio Moricone, Lydia Lunch, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Tim Buckley

Favourite Films
All the work of Fellini, Argento, Guillermo del Toro, Almodovar, Lynch, Kubrick but Tim Burton can be fun

Books and Poetry
Esoteric stuff, essays on Italian politics from 1960s, music and cinema biographies and Italian, Russian, Japanese and British classics (in this order..)

From Renaissance and Baroque to Altermodern (after post-modernism), via German Expressionism, Futurism, Nikki de Saint Phalle, Chapman Brothers, Glenn Brown, Maurizio Cattelan. As for musicians I have really too many to mention...

Favourite Holiday Destinations
New York, Berlin, Norway, Japan, Sicily

Sports Teams
AS Roma, Chelsea

No time for hobbies, I work full time in an art gallery and the rest of the time it's all about MUSIC

May 2009, London
Klarita Interview