Randy Wagner Radio KAOS Records
Owner of Radio KAOS Records 968 Main Street
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 USA

Randy's Sun Sign
Scorpio November 9th

The Birth
Working in the Twin Cities for a number of years. Working nights at the airport spending my free time at the music venues and collecting records. A passion of mine since the age of 12. I became tired of the routine and realizing if I ever wanted to to make my dream of owning a record store come true, that time was running out.One day when going to meet friends for dinner in Stevens Point, grew up about 30 miles away, I came across a store front in an alley way. This just spoke to me. Seemed idea for the little record store that I had always envisioned. Wrote the telephone number down, got back to Minneapolis called the number, rented the store, gave my notice at work and just felt this was my chance. A lot of friends and family were not sold on the idea but off I went. This was to become the original store front for Radio Kaos.
The Digital Age Grows
Around 1998 or 1999, Napster came along and changed the way people located music for good,the press of a few key strokes and boom music in your possession instantaneously. This brought both benefits and determent to the business. It gave people access to music they never would of had before and also a way to do it without a cost to them. being established and having a strong and loyal customer base helped me but I also knew that I would have to adjust to the changing times.I was lucky to survive the initial change, many were not. In 2001 I decided that the little alley way store front might not survive so I took another chance and moved the store front to the main street location and more visibility. The original store front had great character and is still missed by many.But helped in bringing in foot traffic.We also had to survive all the industry cut packs. Gone were the days of free concert tickets CD's for developing artists.and free stuff for the customers.I had to keep up with and keep learning more music than ever before. The love of music has keep me alive for this long and I hope will keep Radio Kaos alive for many more years.

Top Twenty Albums
1- Patti Smith- Radio Ethiopia
2- Howlin Wolf- Message To The Youth
3- Velvet Undergroung- Velvet Underground
4- Muddy Waters- After The Rain
5- The Clash- London Calling
6- Tom Waits- Closing Time
7- The Replacements- Please To Meet Me
8- Television Personalities- The Painted World
9- Violent Femmes- Violent Femmes
10-The Feelies- Crazy Rhythms
11- Spiritualized- Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space B P
12- Skip James- Today
13- Neil Young- After The Gold Rush
14-The Rolling Stones- Exile On Main St.
15- Bob Dylan- Bringing It All Back Home
16- Albert King- I'll Play The Blues For You
17- Jane's Addiction- Nothing's Shocking
18- Brian Jonestown Massacre- Take It From The Man
19-Wilco- Sky Blue Sky
20-Galaxie 500- On Fire

3 Memorable Gigs
1 Violent Femmes in 1982  at  Eau Claire WI
2 Nirvana October 1991 Minneapolis Mn. First Avenue
3 Bob Dylan November 1978 Madison WI. !978 Dane County Coliseum.

Sports Teams
Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers

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Radio KAOS Records
The Heydays
Opened the store on Halloween 1989. Seemed like a fitting day to me. So with my record collection (now about 4000 deep) and couple thousand dollars off I went.Parting with my record collection was very difficult for me but to me it was worth the risk. Knowing this might be my only chance, I took the chance I might lose my records. As I sold my record collection I took the money and put it back into buying CD's, at the time it was all most people wanted,for the store. Living in the back room for the first few years I was able to reinvest all the money back into stock for the store. Little did I know that I had perfect timing, as people made the transition to the digital age I was able to help them locate music they never thought they would find in a small Midwestern town. We also became a new creative period amongst artist.The record companies seemed more interested in reissuing old music on CD they seemed to leave artist to follow there own path. With the extra revenue the companies they seemed to be promoting and developing artist like never before.this went on for about a decade and gave me time to establish myself and build a loyal customer base.
Radio KAOS