Sun Sign
Sex and Death all the way.

Debut Album
Our debut album,
Bluebeard's Rooms, is out now. Those foolish people at The Fly called it, 'one of the albums of the year'. We just like to make the kids smile. We're playing with the great Flipron and Misty's Big Adventure at the end of Nov. 08 too. Purchase the album here.

Music Influences
The old stuff and our friends who make wonderful songs that nobody hears - Extradition Order, Thee Intolerable Kidd, Paul Hawkins, Filthy Pedro, Milk Kan...

Favourite Films
All Kubrick, yes, even
Eyes Wide Shut. In fact, I once broke up with a girl just because she didn't like it. Lynch, Herzog (Fitzcarraldo). Oh, and Cronenberg.

All the Russians - Chekhov, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Nabokov. I don't have to mention 'Lolita', do I?

Balthus, Paula Rego, Edward Munch. I was just in Oslo, went to the Munch Museum. They have more security than Washington DC airport because The Scream got stolen. But it's a fantastic place.

Favourite Holiday Destinations
Rhyl, Brigend, Sweden, Siberia. I'm thinking of settling down in one of them...

Football Team
Man City, Minnesota Twins & Ronnie O'Sullivan. I have a soft spot for QPR too.

October 2008
Tom Mayne
of David Cronenberg's Wife
The gig photos above were taken by John Gladdy at Big City Redneck at 93 East on July 10th 2008. Big City Redneck MySpace