Alien Jazz Party started with MySpace. My friend Thorne from Black Earth and the Laughing Child wanted me to join so he could keep in touch from America.

I had some lo-fi recordings of songs that I wrote. My friend, Jimi, contributed guitar and his recording skills. These songs included
Talk to the Trees and Eating Chicken.

From the start I have had much interest and appreciation for my music from artists including
Steve White, Neil Mooney, and Billy and the Fingers. I have performed live in England and California.

Recently I have returned to my old influences which include Patrik Fitzgerald, TV Personalites, Blind Willie Johnson, Screaming Jay Hawkins and The Gun Club to produce the album,
Music Not for the Mainstream. Thanks to Thee Intolerable Kidd, the mastering was excellent.

"Alien Jazz Party scream about fried chicken with the fury of all hell." - Lauren Strain, Everett True, Plan B Magazine