June 11, 2008
AJP Presents in collaboration with Tommy Kennady IV: The Delinquents, The Kits, The Lamy Brothers, and Babble at The Cock Tavern.
£3 on door
125 Kilburn High Road, London NW6
Phone: 020 7624 1820

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The Cock Tavern
The Delinquents
The Lamy Brothers
Twisted folk meets rock and roll. The Lamy Brothers mix the deep growling vocals of Tom Waits and the preaching delivery of Nick Cave, with the rock and roll groove of AC/DC and the showmanship of Kiss.
Take a stiff drink.
The Delinquents
Old School Rock'n'Roll with Steve Dior from London Cowboys.
"Prog psychobilly acoustic he sez! A bit of an intriguing experimentalist mishmash as evinced by 'A bubble lullaby' with it's wobbly fretless sounding bass and wibbly crooning and acoustic jazzbo strumsiness. Fine London based weird beards…"
- so sez Jez
The Kits
The Kits are a Garage Band from Melbourne, now living in London. They have recently signed to Dirty Water Records and are going to support
The Dirtybombs @ The ULU on June 5th.
Cock Tavern Gig