January 17, 2008
AJP presents a night at the 100 Club in London featuring Chicken Legs Weaver, David Cronenberg's Wife, Larry Pickleman, and Steve White.
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"Clearly The best band the UK has produced in a while." - Thurston Moore,
Sonic Youth

"Occupying a 'Blue Velvet' Lynchian universe..the flayed and gliding guitar, the raucous, grating and brakish voice of the singer, nails the dark side of human nature. A road to Damascus for Blues fans." - Cognac Blues Festival, France

"Grit, gravel and filth."
- Blues Matters Magazine

Chicken Legs Weaver
Official Web Site
David Cronenberg's Wife

"Morally Outrageous backwoods folk singer leads this excellent regular anti-folk session."
- Time Out London

'Dark and twisted as the name suggests'
- London Metro

David Cronenberg's Wife Web Site
Larry Pickleman

"Larry Pickleman is a former Belfast lad, brought up in the bad part of town, who matches sweet plinky-plonky Oompa Loompa (Willy Wonka) tunes to PC-baiting misanthropic lyrics, a sampler and a tiny electric guitar played with alarming venom. And if that’s folk, or anti-folk, then I’m Morrissey. And, trust me, I’m not Morrissey."
- Evertt True Publisher of Plan B

Larry Pickleman Web Site
Steve White
with CHRIS "DA LIPZ" CRASKE - Harmonicas, attitude

"East End punky fireman with a guitar who wraps dark and political observations in a layer of laughter as evidenced by the barbed It's Always Summer In Sainsburys and Steve Is Dead (Brel's Funeral Tango with lager top/Woodbines instead of Merlot/Gauloises)"
- Blang!

Steve White Web Site