April 2, 2008
Flipron, Thomas Truax, Dana Immanuel
100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1
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"...the Cadbury's Caramel bunny having a very bad day, in a swamp, somewhere in
North London."

Dana Immanuel Web Site
"One of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you've never heard of...an exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison, yet accessible to casual listeners." -Splendid Magazine

"Inventive and Romantic" -TimeOut

"Beguilingly Bizarre" -Uncut

Thomas Truax Web Site
"it's a treat to encounter a genuinely uncategorisable group." - Charles Shaar Murray, The Observer Music Monthly 4/5 (No.4 in their Top Ten)

"Woozy bohemian pop massacre... brilliant but frankly unclassifiable" -Daily Telegraph.

Flipron Web Site