25th May 2011
Alien Jazz Party presents Flipron, Nick Marsh of Flesh for Lulu & Urban Voodoo Machine, Adam Donen & His Orchestra and Spanner Jazz Punks.
100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1
Phone: 020 7636 0933

"Flipron could become the house band on the ghost ship in the next
instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Someone tell Johnny Depp." –

"Woozy bohemian pop massacre... brilliant but frankly unclassifiable" -Daily Telegraph

Championed by DJs such as Mark Lamarr & Tom Robinson & by music journalists such as Charles Shaar Murray & Mick Mercer, Flipron have thrust lyrical inventiveness high onto the shoulders of their psychedelic bluesy confessionals & dusty drinking ballads to become what musicomh.com has called "the most original band in the UK."
Adam Donen & His Orchestra

"A musical poet in the least pretentious of senses... veering from Cohen-type introspection to full on Nick Cave rock ‘n’ roll ranting... The character of Donen looms large over proceedings... it is a tribute to the production of the record that the music dominates, leaving the listener to discover the lyrics." - Lisa Holmes, New Noise

"Highly accomplished, poetically charged, mini-chamber orchestral brooding about love - it's mostly a breakup album underneath all the lyrical allusive qualities - and against modern nature."
- Sweeping the Nation

"This precocious talent is now making albums that sound like Leonard Cohen jamming with Tinderstick round Pete Doherty's blood-spattered hovel... there is something deeply powerfulat work."
- Cornish Observer

Songwriter, poet, arranger, born in South Africa, currently resident in London, signed to a German label, on the road a lot, both alone and accompanied. Debut solo album Immortality was released November 2010.
Spanner Jazz Punks

"Very very cool… like Duke Ellington played by aliens mixed with Japanese Mexican porn film music… psychedelic zither, grimy organ, bass clarinet… unique stuff…!" - Nick Richards (The Skamonics)

"They should be available on the NHS!" - Michael & Michelle Berk (‘Round Midnight Jazz & Blues Bar)

Spanner Jazz Punks merge high-octane performances with a mind-mangling display of musicianship, captivating audiences with a seductive web of Anarcho-Gallic extravagance.

An unhinged troupe of ne’er-do-wells armed to the teeth with horns, accordion, recorders, zither, violin, and bleating goats, Spanner Jazz Punks combine a frenzied array of genres with eclectic performance disciplines including dance, theatrics, circus, and film.
Spanner Jazz Punks
Adam Donen
AJP presents Flipron, Nick Marsh, Adam Donen, Spanner Jazz Punks
Nick Marsh

Nick Marsh, lead singer with 1980’s alternative rock luminaries Flesh For
Lulu and lead guitarist in London’s raucous 10 piece gypsy blues outfit
The Urban Voodoo Machine finally officially releases his haunting and timeless solo album, ‘A Universe Between Us’.
Nick Will be playing Tom Waits 'Alice' as well as his own material as a
special guest set for Alien Jazz Party.
Nick Marsh