ARTROCKER GIG REVIEW:::::: with incessant bass drum and snare (courtesy of a tamborine around the heel and stomp on a baking tray),grizzled looking, sounding and - presumably -smelling like a one-man-blooze-show , [D-66] starts off like the white stripes , if jack got bored with carrying meg and decided to replace her with his shoes..."
Rotten Hill Gang
Rotten Hill Gang are making a return to AJP Presents! We hope for the same line-up as last October including:
Krysten Cummins: Vocals
Gary Stonage: Bass & VOX
André Shapps: Guitar & VOX
Mick Jones: Guitar & VOX
Arran Ness: Drums
rotten hill gang
Steve White
"Steve White- The man came from London to play this show, I was in awe. The understands how to write a song. Words, music and the feelings they convey all come together so effortlessly for this guy, face it, when you have it, you have it" - Cull The Herd, NYC

"Steve White is a ledgend" - Kate Nash

steve white