100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1
Phone: 020 7636 0933
Web: the100club.co.uk
May 20th 2008
The Zen Hussies, The Penny Black Remedy and Norton Money

April 2nd 2008
Flipron, Thomas Truax and Dana Immanuel

January 17th 2008
Chicken Legs Weaver, David Cronenberg's Wife, Larry Pickleman and Steve White

October 23rd 2008
New Town Kings, Dirty Revolution, Rotten Hill Gang, DJ Hatter5
August 15th 2008
The Popes, Mudlow, Earl Grey And The Legomen, Thee Assassins
The Revellions, The Kits, The November Five
November 26th 2008
The Revellions, The Kits, The November Five and DJs from Dirty Water Club
The Nightingales
Tom Waits Tribute
AJP 5th Year Party
March 25th 2009
Rotten Hill Gang, D-66, Steve White
April 26th 2009
The Nightingales, Reverend Ted Chippington, Violet Violet, David Cronenberg's Wife
June 19th 2010
Tom Waits Tribute with David Cronenberg's Wife, The Joker & The Thief, Naevus, Amanda Rodgers, Matt Woods, Alibi & Whiskey Mick, The Sneezy T's, Adam Donen, Rosamund
April 7th 2011
AJP 5th Year Party with Drunkin Balordi, Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, The Savage Nomads
May 25th 2011
Flipron, Nick Marsh, Adam Donen & His Orchestra and Spanner Jazz Punks
Flipron, Nick Marsh, Adam Donen and Spanner Jazz Punks