October 23, 2008
Ska Reggae Night at The 100 Club. New Town Kings from Colchester, Dirty Revolution from Ska-diff, Wales, Rotten Hill Gang from Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill, and DJ Hatter5.
100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1
Phone: 020 7636 0933
£7 in advance and £11 on the door.

View gig photos by Alwood Wick here.
New Town Kings
New Town Kings are a 9 piece SKA/Reggae band from Colchester. Their energetic and unique sound is influenced by classic SKA and the punk and Two Tone era.

"New Town Kings were great live, they were the best audience pleasers and are made to play live."
- Colin Murray, Radio 1
Dirty Revolution
This 4 piece band from Cardiff is fronted by Reb Sutton and is a blend of SKA, reggae and punk with conscious lyrics.
Rotten Hill Gang
Rotten Hill Gang are a Hip hop/Punk act from Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill. They played a great set at this year's Notting Hill Carnival including versions of London Calling with special guest Mick Jones from The Clash.