The Cross Kings, London
April 25, 2009

Paul Hawkins

Probably my favourite Thee Awkward Silences gig for a long, long time.

It started in fairly auspicious circumstances as me and Lunch had to charge back to King’s Cross from Camden and Niall had to get back to the Cross Kings from Shunt where he’d been doing some performance poetry. We ended up being on later than expected so were a bit drunker than we usually would be when we went on stage so that wasn’t a good sign either. But for some reason the gig went (from our point of view anyway) really damn well and we were dead happy with ourselves. Truth be told I don’t actually really listen to Tom Waits but he does have a few songs I absolutely love singing – I really like really primal stuff I can basically growl and snarl over the top of (as evidenced by some of Thee Awkward Silences) stuff. Big in Japan’s absolutely fantastic for that, as is Clap Hands. We did Downtown Train too, largely ‘cos I never get to do big ballady songs normally.

In terms of our songs we debuted two newies. Hospital Receptionist is actually about three years old but it was the first time we’d done it as a band. It’s a great song to sing but I’m not really sure how audible the lyrics were. The other one, Stop Making a Scene, is a snarling punk thing and that seemed to go down really well. We also did I’ll Take Good Care of You, which is one of my favourite new ones to sing at the moment too.

We ended with a cover of Belle & Sebastian’s Sleep the Clock Around which is an amazing song to play ‘cos it’s a really simple 4-chord cycle which gives you loads of freedom to try stuff and make it sound how you want.
A great night all-in-all.

1. I’ll Take Good Care of You
2. Clap Hands
3. Hosptial Receptionist
4. Stop Making a Scene
5. Downtown Train
6. Big in Japan
7. Sleep the Clock Around
Gig Report: Tom Waits Tribute Night