Thomas Truax
Dana Immanuel

100 Club, London
April 2, 2008

Publication: London Tour Dates
by Richard Davie

A triple bill organised by Alien Jazz Party, the evening's music was kicked off by Dana Immanuel, who played an eminently competent set of North London anti-folk with a well-judged backing band.

Following her was the somewhat more distinct Thomas Truax. 'Distinct' in this context does not necessarily mean 'good'. Playing a naïve persona to the hilt, Truax sang/narrated songs with wide-eyed enthusiasm and frequently took his act into the crowd. With a panoply of invented instruments around him, there was a charm to his paeans, but it wasn't enough to cover the fact the 'hornicator' or the 'sister spinster' were pretty bald cover for a performer whose sweetness was verging on the saccharine. It was hard to disagree with the bar staff's sarcastic use of the word "zany".

The headliners, Flipron, were a rather different kettle of fish. An indie-rock quartet with a broad enough range of interests to utilise lapsteel, ukulele and a Hammond organ, they were an indisputably tight live outfit. The doubts come with the lyrics and vocals. It was unhelpful, when trying to form an opinion, that their frontman looked like a hobbit shoved into a beige suit. Apparently seeking to join the ranks of the great English observational singer-songwriters such as Ray Davies, Jarvis Cocker or Elvis Costello, he came across more like Neil Hannon channelling Noddy Holder. Sometimes less is more, and in this instance, it certainly was.
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